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I am a Software Developer, Systems Architect and Manager from London, United Kingdom
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Fast and responsive, sometimes a pure desktop application is the best fit for your use case.


Less hardware dependent and easy to distribute to a wide user base, web-based applications offer many benefits to your business.


Increasingly, businesses rely on being able to support their staff and customers on multiple devices, wherever they may be.


Cloud computing offers major cost benefits to large organisations, and is becoming increasingly accessible to all.


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Mike Burns

Software Developer, Systems Architect and Manager

I was educated at Cheltenham College in Gloucestershire, where I was able to develop my already keen interest in practical Electronics, for which I won several Regional and National awards. I went on to study Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton. In parallel, as a schoolboy I taught myself to program first in BASIC and then Z80 Assembly Language.

On leaving University, I embarked on a career in Software Development, first briefly in the Manufacturing sector, before moving into the Financial Services Sector, where I have spent substantial periods designing and building systems for major companies such as Prudential, Barclays and Moody's. I joined a Financial Software startup in the late 90's as the first non-board level employee, and took the primary role in building a Development team, recruiting over 100 high-quality people. Whilst at Barclays, I led the project to build an industry-leading STP system for processing Pooled Fund orders worth millions of pounds per day, to critical acclaim in the industry press.

Throughout my career, my philosophy and overarching goal has been to enable business to leverage technology to the maximum possible extent, providing creative and innovative solutions and bridging the gap between the technical and the non-technical.

I am currently employed full-time at M&T Bank in the City of London, where I am the Europe Application Technology Manager.

I live in London with my partner Sarah, having between us five children, mostly now all grown-up.


Design and Development

Highly skilled Programmer in multiple technologies, including C#/.Net (ASP.Net, WPF, WCF), AngularJS/JScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Node, Java, Python, Perl, and many others. I have designed and built both internal and external-facing systems for major global companies including Mars, Prudential, Barclays and Moody's.

Relational Database

Familiar with many database technologies, including Informix, Paradox, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase ASE, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB and, most extensively, MS SQL Server. Skilled in Database Design, Performance Tuning, writing complex Queries and Stored Procedures, and have also served in the capacity of DBA.

Systems Analysis

Experienced Systems Analyst, adept at working directly with customers either internal or external. My experience covers multiple areas of the Financial Services industry, including Life and Pensions, Risk Management, Investment Management and Credit Ratings for Structured and Corporate Finance.

Team Management

Experienced in managing existing teams and building new ones. Keeping my hands very much on the Technology, I have led teams of up to 14 people in both Development and Support functions.

IT Infrastructure

Experience of managing IT Infrastructure teams and detailed knowledge of computer hardware and network design and configuration. Early in my career, I established and ran my own company building and repairing PCs.


Took the leading role in building the Software Development team at a Financial Software startup. Over three years, in addition to writing code, I interviewed in the region of 500 candidates up to Senior Developer level, recruiting in total over 100 high-quality people.


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Retro Computing

The Amstrad CPC6128 changed the world, and is a source of great personal nostalgia. Click to read more.

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I am a fan of large-engine Japanese Sports Motorcycles, owning and maintaining a Kawasaki ZZR1400.

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I am a proficient builder, experienced in most trades including plumbing, electrical, plastering and joinery.

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Security and Automation

Speciality Services. Click to read more.




London, United Kingdom

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